Plan Your Future Visit

Opening Fall 2022
Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 3 pm

It’s Easy as 1-2-3! 

STEP 1: Arrange for Your Tickets or Membership

Ticket Prices: $15 per person


  • Members and Children Under 2: FREE
  • Seniors (65+ with ID): 50% off
  • Teachers (with ID): 50% off 
    • Teachers must have ID from accredited Pre-K through 12 school
    • Discount applies to teacher and any household residents (spouse, children, partner, etc)
  • Military (with ID): 50% off 
    • Discount applies to service member and any household residents (spouse, children, partner, etc)
  • EBT Snap Cardholders with ID: $3 Max of 4 per card
  • AAA: 10% off


Membership Price:

  • Memberships start at $120.00 and are right-sized for your family.
  • Includes one adult and one child. Each additional qualifying member is $20.
  • Qualifying additional members include:
    • Household residents (spouse, children, partner, etc.)
    • Grandparents
    • Nanny/Sitter

STEP 2: Schedule 

We have some exciting daily activities in the works. Stay tuned for more information!


Can I bring my own food and beverages into FCM?
For daily visits, you may bring your own snacks to eat in designated eating areas. For birthday parties and other events, food can be ordered from our catering partners.

Is there free Wi-Fi in FCM?

Is parking free?

Are there lockers to store my stuff while I play in the museum?
Yes, they are located behind the ticket counter at the main entrance.

My child has a disability. Does the museum have activities and exhibits my child can participate in?
Yes! FCM strives to curate the world for ALL children to explore. Your child is free to explore whatever exhibits interest them. The building has been designed to be inclusive. See our inclusivity statement here.

What are your COVID policies?
FCM operates under SAFE and KIND procedures, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

If I buy a ticket, can I leave the museum for lunch and then come back later?
Yes, if it is within the same day and during museum hours.

Is there a nursing room in the museum?
Yes, the nursing room is in the Watermelon Seeds exhibit.

Are there changing tables in the museum?
There are changing tables in all bathrooms in FCM.

How long does a typical visit take?
There is no “typical” visit time. Visit length depends on each child.

What else is there to do in Bonnet Springs Park?
Check out Bonnet Springs Park’s website here.

What activities are age-appropriate for my child?
You can read about the age-appropriate levels for each exhibit here.



The Depot Café is across the sidewalk from Florida Children’s Museum and is operated by Bonnet Springs Park. The Café will offer a variety of grab-and-go options. And for dessert? Ice cream!