Welcome to Leonardo’s Lab! 

Special Exhibit: Open May 25, 2024 through September 1, 2024

Presented by George Jenkins Foundation

Calling young artists and inventors! Immerse yourself in the mind of Leonardo da Vinci– building, sketching, testing, and designing, just like the “Renaissance Man” himself. Hands-on activity tables explore his contributions to art, science, anatomy and engineering. Will you recreate da Vinci’s work, or add an exciting twist that’s all your own? Visit FCM’S Black Box Theatre to enjoy. 

Developed by Carnegie Science Center (Pittsburgh, Pa) and produced in partnership with the Sciencecenter (Ithica, New York).

Entry Piece

Both entry sign and double-sided fun photo-op, these pieces allow guests to have a photo taken (by family member or friend) of their face as the Mona Lisa or Leonardo himself!

Gears ‘n Pegs

Mix and match three ratio-coordinated gears to create your own 2D and 3D interlocking mechanisms.

Bridging the Gap

Recreate Leonardo’s amazing tool-and-hardware-free interlocking bridge.

Take Flight

Using a preprinted template, cut out and fold your own air-powered flying ‘copter, then modify to change or improve the aerodynamics.

Mona Lisa X4

Four different art activities – Draw, Color, Stamp, Rub result in your very own Mona Lisa masterpiece!

Mirror Writing

Leonardo used his own reverse-print code to keep his ideas confidential. Try your hand– literally – at writing backwards so it seems correct when viewed in a mirror.